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Learn more about me and why I'm qualified to help you on your journey to a professional acting career. Currently based in Roanoke, Virginia, I got started as an assistant at Universal City Studios™ in the 1960s and then worked my way up to casting assistant. My first solo casting assignment was on the Emmy™ Award-winning sitcom, "Barney Miller." I eventually went to Warner Brothers™ Television, then to Columbia Pictures™ Television, and in 1981, I ventured out independently and had offices at Warner Brothers, MGM™, and 20th Century Fox™.

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Ask The Casting Director provides completely honest information for actors, or parents of actors, on how to break into the business. Through my comprehensive and humorous acting book, So Ya Wanna Be An Actor...Act Like One, I teach you what to do and what not to do, and focus on helping aspiring actors (especially parents with acting children) to detect and avoid harmful scams. For example, almost everything in the entertainment business nowadays is done online. There are very few general interviews done in person.

The book was originally published in 2000, but with the explosion of the internet's popularity, the industry has drastically changed. The newest edition of the book contains rewrites and updates on three chapters to bring them into the present age. My main focus is to protect children and adults, in the television industry especially. I also offer a variety of educational seminars, including: "For Parents Only," "For Actors Only," and "The Crossover Model to Actor." These include a two-hour workshop and hour-long Q&A, covering everything from industry practices to having a back-up plan.

I wanted to make the book and seminars actor-friendly in terms of cost. The profits from the book all go to three children's cancer charities. The cost of the seminars funds my travel expenses. This is not a money-making operation, but rather a way to give back to the community. I have both teaching and counseling credentials, so my message is given with direct honesty and integrity.

I've always leaned on my integrity, and it got me to the White House. In fact, I've known many of the Presidents' children, before I knew the Presidents. Other famous personal friends include actresses Betty White and Rita Moreno. Join the club of successful actors and actresses who got their start through expert advice. Purchase a copy of my book today.


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